Never Ending Dreams

I am going to start writing a story called NeverEnding Dream. If you went Ashland Middle school like 3 or 4 years ago and read the school newspaper, you would see a story called the same name written by me. Now since i do not have the newspaper any more, I must begin it again but it will be different with names. It will be time before it will be fully done. I like to write sequels to my stories. I garantee that you will not love no, but at least like the story. I like to draw so i am going to draw the charatcters the best I since they are my characters i made. The story takes place in a small town, where a girl named Sarah meets a boy named Kyle. Sarah has just moved into this smalll town and is almost immidiatly aqquantiance with Kyle. Together they must survive in a world where they have no clue to where they are. Later they realize that its all been a dream. But the thing is, if you die trying to survive in this world, your dead in the real world. Can Sarah and Kyle survive this world together?




Main Characters

 Kyle is a young boy, and is the same age as Sarah. They are both 16 years old. They both meet the day after Sarah moves into town. He is athletic, cheerful, and at times stubborn. Although he is athletic he does not go out in sports, he likes to playat his neighborhood park. He likes basketball. During the story he must survive, with Sarah, in this strange world. He develops a much more than friends relationship with her as they progress through the story. You dont much see or hear about his family much. He is a only child, and has not many friends. He has lived in this small town for 3 years. He has Brown short hair, blue eyes, average, and has some muscles. The only thing we know of his family is that his mother died when he was four, in a car crash by a drunk driver. He Jogs around his block on the weekends. He rarely speaks of his mother to anyone, until Sarah comes into the new town.


Sarah is a young girl of 16. She lived in Haverdtown until they moved to a small town a few hours away. Her father is a business man who works for a corporation. Sarah is mostly connected with her mother, Sadria. Sarah did not want to move but she had to for her father. The day after they move into their new home, she meets Kyle, a boy who lives across the street.